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Editorial Design


What is bloom?


Bloom is a brand that promotes self love and beauty within. I originally created Bloom in my 3D design class as a lifestyle shop that sold items such as home decor, books, gifts as well as a small flower shop. The following project was created in my typography class where we had to design two magazine spreads and a tablet adaptation using an article we found online. The article I used was called 'Demoting Beauty' and talked about how beauty is relative to culture and we often don't ever see true beauty. The article fit the brand for Bloom so I decided to featured the article in Bloom Magazine. 

This was a project that was fairly new to me. I had never done editorial or web design before. This project gave me the chance to explore a new side to design I had yet to explore. I wanted to incorporate elements from my 3D design project because I felt like this would be a great addition to the branding of my mock company. I went through a lot of trial and error with this project that really helped me grow as a designer, specifically in the aspect of typography. 


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Tablet adaptation


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